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  1. gznat

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    Nov 23, 2020
    Hi to everyone

    I would like to know if there is any device that can discharge the batteries i case if I didn't use the drone ?

    Is there any more powerful batteries that the one sold with the drone?

    Thank you

    Have fun !!
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    Oct 3, 2018
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    The only aftermarket batteries currently available are the various sizes of GiFi brand batteries.
    To put the batteries in proper storage charge, you will need an aftermarket battery charger with a storage function. Most aftermarket chargers have the function, but you need to review the information to be sure. Also check to ensure the charger has an internal resistance function. Some do not, and it is a serious shortcoming for proper battery maintenance. To use the aftermarket charger, you will need the adapter.
    The GIFI website has the batteries and adapters. The same items, and a variety of aftermarket chargers can be found on other sources on the internet, such as Amazon and eBay. The GIFI website is at this link:
    "Batteries For Yuneec / yuneec -"
  3. gznat

    gznat New Member

    Nov 23, 2020
    Thank you !!!!
  4. azbloc

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    Jul 31, 2015
    Les batteries GiFI sont de mauvaise qualité, j'en ai fait l'expérience, au bout de 20/25 cycles de charge elles
    commencez un gonfler.
    personnellement j'utilise des batteries de marque VHBW et pour l'instant les 4 que j'ai fonctionnent très bien.

    Le chargeur Yuneec fait bien son travail, par contre pour ce qui est de mettre les batteries en mode stockage, les
    recharger j'utilise mon chargeur qui sert aussi pour les batteries du Q500, le chargeur est un
    PRO-TRONIK AP681BLC très fiable et pas copié comme l'IMAX B6.

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----

    GiFI batteries are of poor quality, I have experienced it, after 20/25 charge cycles they
    start an inflate.
    personally I use VHBW brand batteries and so far the 4 I have are working fine.

    The Yuneec charger does its job well, on the other hand when it comes to putting the batteries in storage mode,
    recharge I use my charger which is also used for the batteries of the Q500, the charger is a
    PRO-TRONIK AP681BLC very reliable and not copied like the IMAX B6.
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  5. Pier2162

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    Oct 5, 2020
    I agree about the poor quality of Gifi Power batteries.
    I had the same experience with them on my Chroma.
    I can suggest the use of Cameron Sino battery, they are very powerful and high quality, the best I ever found for my Chroma and for my Typhoon H.
    You can find them on this site :
    This the direct link:
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