Q500 4K Tips for getting better video on ST10+

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  1. AmericanCap

    AmericanCap New Member

    Sep 26, 2016
    Hey Guys!
    So I finally got my Q5004K a little over a week ago. So far I've flown four flights with it (two 10 minute flights on each battery). Unfortunately cold weather, and too much wind has stopped me from flying as much as I would like.... I think I'm addicted to the quality of the 4K video shots I've taken....

    Anyway! I'm hoping someone has some tips or suggestions for a little problem I had yesterday. On my first 2 flights, last week, I was shooting in 1080p 60fps. It was late in the evening, rather cold, low-ish light. The video displayed on the st10+ was obviously slightly delayed, but quite smooth overall.

    Yesterday when I flew I took the quality up to 4K 30fps and when I did I started getting very bad reception and artifacts on the FPV video. It would glitch, have heavy screen tearing and artifacts all over. (I'll try to grab a screenshot later from the ST10 video). It was basically unusable except as a reference every once in a while to see where the drone was positioned exactly.

    The 4K video from the card in the drone itself is amazing and perfect quality.

    Later on, for the second flight of the day, I switched back to the 1080p 60fps setting, and the screen cleared up for the most part, but not entirely. There was still stuttering and the occasional glitch.

    I was wondering if there is anything that might cause this. Could other wifi/radio signals interfere? We have two over-the-air wireless internet connections to our house, both with outdoor antennas. They were pretty far away from where I was flying though. It wasn't windy, but it was sunny, and in the 40's/50's in temperature.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. HarveyH54

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    The ST10 video is more like a view finder, and not really for FPV flying. There is some lag, and it will dropout, when condition aren't good, like obstructions, other strong radio signals. Usually clears up in a second or two, not real good to rely on for flying though. Some people have installed external antennas and other modifications, to improve reception, but there is no guarantee it will help in all circumstances. It's really best to keep the bird in sight while flying, not on the controller. That little 7 inch screen won't show powerlines, until it's too late, hard to judge distance too.
  3. AmericanCap

    AmericanCap New Member

    Sep 26, 2016
    Thanks for the reply!

    That's pretty much what I was using it for anyway. I always kept the drone in sight, but I was using the screen to keep an eye on the general position of the drone in reference to what I was trying to capture with the camera, since sometimes it's hard to judge exactly where the drone is in relation to my position on the ground.

    I was just trying to figure out why it would be worse when I turned on the 4K setting, and better when I'm on 1080p, since I would assume that the video coming down should be the same low-quality all the time...
  4. HarveyH54

    HarveyH54 Active Member

    My computer is old, barely does 1080p, so it was never in my best interest to use 4k, or higher frame rate. Kind of suspect your problem might be similar, since you are working with much more video information, that needs down-converted, and saved to SD, at the same time.
  5. beachcomber

    beachcomber Member

    Jan 7, 2017
    I'm no expert AME, but will make an educated guess.
    The camera is not only handling the making of the video and sending it to your Micro SD card (which for 4k is a lot of work), but camera is also handling all the wi-fi communications. See where I'm going with this? Camera gets busy with saving 4k and skips a few frames to wi-fi (your display on controller).
  6. PatR

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    Jan 10, 2016
    Retired sUAS professional
    Central California
    Yuneec transmitters are prone to experiencing video interference at the transmitter from time to time. The camera will be working fine, the video reaching the card will be as good as it can be, but the transmitter can experience times where the video freezes, smears, and shows banding. Usually this is caused by some local condition that interferes with the video signal, and moving some distance away from where you experienced issues will resolve it.

    Bear in mind the first sign of signal loss with camera drones is failure of video signal to the transmitter, so be prepared to experience a "lost link" event if video signal at a transmitter starts getting bad. It's frequently an indicator that the aircraft is too far away and a head's up to start bringing it back closer to the transmitter.
  7. Jonathan Enssle

    Oct 23, 2017
    Boulder Colorado
    So I took my quad out today. I took it out further than I ever have, and the video started to cut out at 680 feet. Is that unusual?
  8. My guess is it was humid. Humidity can play with signals as they do with my digital TV antenna from time to time. Here in Florida I have not flown below 70 degrees yet. It has always been beautiful and sunny. WHEN I first strted flying I had troubles UNTIL I found this online Forecaster for drone fliers. I live by it as if my life depended on it and have no longer had one glitch!! BUT, always use caution anyway. Go to https://www.uavforecast.com/#/ and enter your address and save! I keep it in my tool bar and bring it up when I want to fly and I WON'T fly if it's over 3kp !!! <<< Very important!! It's the magnetic interference that can kill a drone in a flash if you aren't careful. I usually fly at 2kp or less, 10mph winds or less, and so forth!! I do not pay for this and I set each item for my comforts and love it!! I hope you use it. I hope a lot of people find it handy because it's been SPOT ON for me!! Enjoy!

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