C-GO3 Transforming CGO2+ into CGO3

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  1. Camomille

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    Nov 24, 2020
    Hello, I have a fully working CGO2+ and a CGO3 where tilt is no more working. It still gives a nice 4K picture. Is it possible to adapt the 4K camera part into the CGO2+ gimball?
    If possible, do you know any tutorial about this operation ?
    Great thanks.
    Greetings from Belgium.
  2. WTFDproject

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    Oct 3, 2018
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    I doubt it is feasible.
    The frame structure/pitch motor configuration is different inside the ball. It would be a challenge just to mechanically hang the CGo3 Camera ball on the CGo2+ frame. Both cameras operate on 5v power, but I suspect the CGo3 demands more current, and I would suspect the 5v power supply of the CGo2+ is not adequate.
    The CGo2+ gimbal uses a much less sophisticated gimbal control system. At a minimum, you would need to transpose the CGo2+ IMU to the CGo3. But the CGo3 has more mass. The CGo2+ gimbal is already calibrated to the mass, balance and mechanical resistances of the CGo2+ camera. There would be almost zero hope the hybrid gimbal system would work with a mixture of sensors and electronic components,

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