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    Mar 30, 2022
    Drone is a Q500 4K. Flying about 50 ft. elevation, suddenly felt an alert vibration in the transmitter, simultaneously drone rotors went to ground idle rpm. Glanced down and saw something about "Communication Lost" (only saw it for a fraction of a second), then watched it impact on paved surface. Broke two rotors, and most importantly the GC03 separated from the drone.

    Started putting things back together, used the patch cord to reconnect the GC03 to the drone, now no gimbal function. Camera communicates with the transmitter, and I can take command taking a still image (haven't tried video, don't see why that won't work), so I know it's getting power from the drone.

    Green LED on the camera, no diagnostic beeps. Just nothing from the gimbal. No stabilizing motion, no movement of the camera when I attempt to change the tilt from the transmitter.

    What do I need to check next?

    Thanks for any help, and have a good one,
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    The CGo3 camera is actually two things. It is a "camera" and it is a "gimbal" built together as one unit. The camera takes pictures. The gimbal points the camera. Other than the power supply, they share nothing for function. (Picture below)
    In your incident, your camera survived. Your gimbal board did not. It is a the tale of the "3 black wires" that has been experienced by many of us over the years since the CGo3 was introduced. You can properly remove the remnants of the wires using the instructions linked below. But that probably is not going to help. The gimbal board will likely need to be replaced. And replacement gimbal boards, either from used cameras or purchased new, require calibration. The calibration requires proprietary software. Which means the camera will need to go to a repair shop.
    The PDF document in the following post has several attachments related to the CGo3 camera and the Q500 series drone. Not without coincidence, the very first article ever written for it is the one for "Removing the Three Black Wires". See Attachment 1 of https://yuneec-forum.com/threads/way-to-fix-drones-project.10229/. Other Attachments in the document may be useful if you want to attempt repair of the gimbal board.


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