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    With the discussion of the fixed recreational sites with the new AC & Exception, here is a list of them. Source: FAA ArcGIS. As of note: All POCs are listed as AMA which seems to imply that you MUST join AMA to fly recreationally within controlled airspace in the interim unless other guidance is provided by AMA. Please also note that these AMA facilities may not allow multirotors. Also just to note supposedly all of the field on the lists were sent to the FAA by the field managers. According to the ATC training memo leaked , all fields are supposed to be "more than 2 miles away from a runway surface and operate in accordance with altitudes specified in the UASFMs.

    One such field that is not on the list is Cherry Creek field and is a bit over 3 miles, and in a 400' grid. So it should be listed. It sounds like the field manager didn't send notice to the FAA. They were supposed to. So there could also be more missing or just will not qualify.

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    My fixed sight is my back yard, can't afford to travel 50 miles or more to play with my drone for 17 minutes at some fixed regulated sight that belongs to somebody else...
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