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    For those of you who are unaware of UAV Toolbox, this is an app that runs on the ST-16. It:
    • Plays back previous flights on maps
    • Gives flight summaries, including battery, radio signal, error messages and other data
    • Adds weather reports and location addresses
    • Plays back flight videos and images, synchronised with map location and telemetry
    • Provides an easy way to download telemetry and files from the ST-16 via WiFi
    • Allows you to upload and share flight summaries, maps and synchronised media online
    • Tracks equipment usage (which battery for which flight etc.)
    • Online service includes download of flight logs in simple .csv format to add to your log book
    • Converts flights to Google Maps format to import into other software
    After closed trials of the app for the H520, I'm pleased to announce it is available for general testing.

    If you are interested in trying it out, the download and installation instructions are available here: UAV Toolbox - Yuneec ST-16

    Note that you need to register to use the app, and can test it out for free for 28 days. If you have previously used the version for the H480, your registration will continue to work for the H 520 with no additional payment. After 28 days if you wish to continue to use the app there will be a small payment, made online - this is not available yet, but should arrive in the next couple of weeks depending on the feedback from testing.

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