Uber planning on delivering burgers through drones

Discussion in 'News' started by Jas, Oct 23, 2018.

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    Aug 3, 2017
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    Great, it better to be able to fly 23 miles to my house as that is how far I am from the city LOL
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    Planning and doing, are very different things. Likely, just the planning is going to get expensive. Drone laws keep changing. An experienced, licensed pilot won't come cheap. The equipment, software, and other tech, isn't going to be cheap either, and I'd guess the mandatory insurance is going to cost some too. Drone delivery won't compete with car and driver (desperate for any paycheck). Would think anyone willing to pay the premium for expensive delivery, would likely drive to a decent restaurant. Amazon made plans, had all the equipment, was set well enough to make a test video. Did they ever test market the concept in a small limited area? Certainly, they could have found a tech friendly community, where the laws aren't to thought-crushing. Something killed the concept pretty quick, where they were physically ready to implement

    Think Uber made the announcement, mostly for attention, and probably to attract.more investment dollars. I don't see home drone delivery working on any large scale anytime soon. Think the first, would be a liquor store, were most of their customers already had too many DUI convictions, have plastic, and too far to ride their son's bicycle, maybe a little too drunk as well, which would help greatly with the delivery bill...
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