UK Gatwick Airport arrests

Discussion in 'News' started by HarveyH54, Dec 22, 2018.

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    Past couple of days, flights were delayed, because of drone sightings, though there were no photos or videos. Thought it sort of odd, most everyone has a camera on their phone these days, and stuck at an airport, seemed like there would be a lot of those people looking to get something to sell/share. Should be video security all over an airport. I don't know much about the UK justice system, but the two arrested should be made an example. Obviously, they had some reason, and it should be classified as an act of terror. They would have known it was illegal, least aft the first airport shut down, and international news coverage.
    Should be interesting to see how it goes, the government will have to make some sort of statement, but try to avoid a lot of discontent, and more media coverage. The need to discourage this and show they have the means to deal with it harshly. Surprising they need to borrow the equipment used to catch the criminals. Just declaring a space off-limits, for safety and security, demands the means to enforce it. Otherwise, it's just begging for a challenge. My guess, is that airports don't really see drones as a major threat, more of a potential nuisance, wouldn't want dozens of them flying around, while trying to conduct business. The radio signals might be a small problem as well.
    I don't know where this story will go, but I doubt it'll be good for the hobby. It's unfortunate, since bad people are the problem, not the hardware. They really need to develop their own defense systems, because bad people will still be able to fly as they want, even if they have to build their own drones to do it. More laws, rules, regulations, restrictions, won't stop the bad people. There are some really bad people, terrorists, who also have drones, and have/can do some damage with them. It's really surprising how this disruption at Gatwick could happen, and for so long.
    Drones are here to stay, and the technology is going to continue to grow. It's not just a hobby, and toys. These are really tools, and people are still finding useful applications for them. The toys were fun, but it's getting to be serious business, growing commercial dependance. Lot quicker, safer, and cheaper than a manned vehicle with a camera, and can get to places difficult/impossible to access any other way. Unfortunately, stunts like this are a hobby killer, and we are going to suffer the most. Won't bother the bad pilots much, probably encourage them to do more stupid acts.
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    Its all fake news. There was never a drone, no pictures, no real video. People arrested let go as they had the wrong people.

    "LOL! It gets better and better. Apparently, the so called crashed drone was not found by the police or the swarms of authorities that are pouring all over Gatwick. No, it was found by a member of the public! I'm not being cynical here but do you think that could be an attempt to get their hands on the £50K reward"
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    Yeah, I thought it odd, with thousands of stranded passengers, people coming and going, no photos or video. Big airport should have video security cameras everywhere. I'm not sure any airport staff actually sighted a drone either. Something was going on, really doubt they would shut the airport down during peek traffic, over a maybe there's a problem. Think they would have waited to confirm a sighting, but for calling in the military. Think it's one of those stories, that has a lot more going on behind the scenes. They never said why they arrested the couple, but the guy's boss sounded like he was covering, wasn't at the job site to verify, he just said the man was on the clock. Don't think that alibi would hold up much around here.

    We get lied to so much these days, maybe to avoid panic, but usually it's political. They seem to want us to believe the world is a safer place, than it really is these days, guess it makes the government look like they are doing a great job.
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    Whatever the whys and wherefores its a pain in the butt for all uk drone users. Great regulation , registration etc come November 2019 .

    All because some dope or dopes.

    This week also, some woman complained that a drone was following her on a foothpath in the countryside. Be prepared we will see more nutters reporting nutters.
    All for publicity?

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