USA Yuneec Repair - 5.8ghz comm failed, how long have Repairs taken ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CrashALot, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. CrashALot

    CrashALot Member

    Oct 17, 2018
    (lost 5.8ghz/video cam-controller communication -- under warranty)

    yuneec USA customer service is in corona, calif, but their repair center is in Kansas city, Missouri.

    so it took 6+days (fri to thurs) to get there via UPS ground, sent in st16, cam, & drone as requested.

    can not imagine more than ~2hrs to repair/test/calibrate (i think yuneec sets up the channel selection for the communication).

    is the 5.8ghz tx/rx on the main board or is it a small board, seems on main board so new board change i assume ?

    How many days to repair once 'on site' have ppl experienced with their warranty repairs ??

    are you notified when repair has been shipped ?

    thx !
  2. Jim French

    Jim French New Member

    Dec 10, 2018
    Salinas Ca
    I delivered my H/Camera to UPS on Dec 26. I checked Product Support on the website and it didn't show on Jan 3 but did on the 4th. I didn't think to check UPS for the delivered date. Received email that it had been received on the 7th. Got email on the 15th that it was being repaired. Email of the 17th said it was repaired and shipped. Arrived on the 21st. Complete description of the troubleshooting and repair was shown on the 17th email.
    All looks good with the drone. They didn't return with the original box or plastic bag which I had sent it with.
    Jim F.
  3. CrashALot

    CrashALot Member

    Oct 17, 2018
    thanks, but does seem like a long time to repair, essentially a whole month.

    I have not gotten an email that my TH has been received by repair group but UPS says it has been delivered.

    I suspect that means they have not even unpacked it, scanned the RMA nor have started repair, that saddens me !

    I guess it is smart in having repair in middle of US, but I wonder if it is a 'multi product/vendor' repair or is it exclusive to yuneec products ?

    I am hoping the latter, as might not trust some person who does video equip one day, pc repair another, and then repairing a yuneec drone of some type !

    My problem is that I am traveling and will only be at my 'address' for 1.5 more weeks !!

    Maybe I can get UPS to forward to a new address if arrives after I leave ?

    Kinda thought 3.5 wks would have been enuf for complete repair, oh well will see how it goes.

    ps: I sent my TH in its orig styrofoam from the case it came in, a mistake, no accessories but antennas ??

  4. CrashALot

    CrashALot Member

    Oct 17, 2018
    Got TH back and they replaced the 5.8ghz wifi board.

    took a whole 1 hr labor.

    so lets see, something I could have done myself w/ a new board took effectively 4+ wks of 1 wk ship to kansas there, 2+ wks sitting untouched by a tech, 1 wk ship back.

    something i could have done in 2 hrs if just given new board, honestly !!!

    not sure but seems very disappointing way too long to me.

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