Watch out for the stepladder! :-(

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    HI guys!
    Long time no post on here, or flying for me -until recently!

    I was doing some work around my house on the ladder and sure enough even though it was steady when I put it in place one of the legs sunk into the ground, started tilting and bam! I'm pushing it away to not fall on the ladder with one hand and trying to buffer my fall with the other. Long story short, bruised hip, ribs and almost dislocated shoulder.
    Then from laying around the house trying to heal up on pain meds and muscle relaxers I got fluid in one lung then progressed to double pneumonia!
    I was in the hospital for almost a week! Then antibiotics for 4 weeks to clear things up.
    NO more ladders for me! I'll pay someone to clean the gutters and such!

    I'm just happy to be back to good health and flying my Q that had been gathering dust!!

    So everybody who get's their Q or H stuck in a tree PLEASE have a friend hold the ladder!

    Best wishes to all and safe flying!!

    Texas sunset from a flight the other day!

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