Yuneec Experience Centre at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

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    Yuneec have launch at Yuneec experience centre within Schiphol airport in the Netherlands.

    From the press release:-

    Yuneec International announces the opening of the first Yuneec Airport Experience Center
    at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam/Netherlands.
    Germany, Kaltenkirchen (April 12th, 2016) - Yuneec International, the world leader in electric aviation, has
    announced that it’s award winning series of ready- to- fly multicopters as well as ground imaging solutions are
    available at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Yuneec has chosen Amsterdam as one of the major airports in
    Europe and is excited to present their products at the B-Pier of the security area.
    Beside of that, Yuneec invite every airport visitor to have a look into the world of Yuneec and to enjoy their
    layover at the airport.
    With the unique "UAV-Pilot" flight simulator stations at the Yuneec Experience Center everyone can test and fly
    the Yuneec multicopters in real time. Supported with experienced and friendly Yuneec staffs they are glad to
    introduce the latest line up of Yuneec products that will truly change the world.
    On 27 square meters the Yuneec Experience Center is setting up a new level of presentation for Yuneec and
    they are more than happy to welcome many of the 55 millions passengers that are using Schiphol Airport every
    year. The center is open at regular shopping hours of the airport. To team up with the Schiphol Airport is a
    unique chance for Yuneec and the company is excited and looking forward to a successful and long lasting
    “We are thrilled that Yuneec chose Schiphol for this exciting promotion. Inviting and entertaining activities such
    as these demonstrate how at Schiphol brands are truly connected to the world!” said Anne-Marie Zuidweg,
    Commercial Services & Media at Schiphol Airport.

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    Way Cool, to bad YUNEEC wasn't around 4 years ago when I when thru this airport. I wonder if anyone purchasing them would have difficulty getting it on the plane, LOL
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    Or trying to fly them there.....

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