Yuneec H520 vs H480

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    Aug 3, 2017
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    Hello ,

    The H520 is not the H480.

    Our most common question from customers is "What is the Difference?". The list of similarities is much shorter than the list of differences.

    Price: The H480 is a consumer drone and subject to retail fluctuations in price. You can often times find retailers selling Refurbished or discounted products, especially during the holiday season. The H520 is not a retail drone and the price will not change. The second most common question from customers is "Can you give me a discount?". The short answer is no and not any time soon.


    • ST16s Ground Station (Upgraded everything, + it talks to you)
    • Up to 28 Minute Flight Time
    • Updated Power Board and ESCs
    • Updated Internal Frame Design
    • Updated Flight Controller
    • High wind-resistant airframe
    • DataPilot™ mission control software system
    • Open Source platform and Yuneec SDK application development
    • Interchangeable payloads (E50,E90,CGOET)
    • Precision Flight Plans
    • Land Survey mode
    • Automated Flight Control
    • Only Drone Approved for use by the Department of Defense
    • LiHV Battery for increased flight time
    Typhoon H
    • ST16 Ground Station
    • Up to 22 Minute Flight Time
    • Imaging modes include Waypoints, Orbit Point of Interest, Orbit Pilot, Open/Close Scene
    • Flight modes include Smart Mode, Angle Mode, Return Home and Auto Landing
    • Interchangeable payloads (CGO3+,CGOET)

    The H520's Blades have a higher angle of attack and larger surface area for increased lift, stability, flight time and noise reduction.


    GPS Module is reconfigured and upgraded increasing precision and reliability.


    E90 Camera
    • Ultra HD 4k Video at 60 fps
    • 1-Inch Sony CMOS Chip Capable of 20 Megapixel Still Image
    • Increased Sensitivity in Low-light Environments
    • Orthomapping, 3D Modeling and Close-up Inspections
    • 23mm Lens Equivalent
    • Advanced H2 Signal Processing
    • Lens Adapter Threaded to fit 40.5mm Standard Filters for Flexibility and Convenience
    CGO3+ Camera
    • Ultra HD 4k Video at 30fps
    • 12MP 12.4 Megapixel Still Image
    • Low Distortion Lens
    • 98 Degree Field of View

    The H520 is better than we expected, really. For more information, please visit We have also been hard at work providing a new home for our customers in need at We look forward to your comments and suggestions as we grow this useful resource.

    Best Regards,

    Vertigo Drones Team
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    Aug 4, 2017
    Thanks for sharing! I like the specs on the camera.

    The 520 does look appealing but I think I'll wait a year or so for the price to come down and for a firmware update or two. In the meantime I'll continue to fly my H480.

    FWIW I can't even imagine a 480 getting 22 minutes of flight time.
  3. azbloc

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    Jul 31, 2015
    we see that the H520 has benefited from particular care concerning its assembly, the cables are better placed, the finish is prettier ..
    the H520's propellers can be mounted on the H480?
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    Jan 10, 2016
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    They cannot as they are of larger diameter and will interfere with each other.

    Even if they could be made to fit and retain their current size, changing propeller diameters impacts power equation with a multirotor electrical system. Power systems are designed around demands that would be placed on given size and weight of aircraft. Aircraft weight establishes system voltage, current loading, and power distribution needs, and other factors determine what components will be needed to make a functional system. The load to be lifted and system electrical capability helps establish motor and prop size. Prop size has tremendous impact on the system's electrical loading. From there desired flight time has to be worked out keeping battery sizes and weights in mind. Just changing propeller diameter can impact everything considerably, for better or worse.
  5. azbloc

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    Jul 31, 2015
    c'est simplement le pas de l'hélice qui change, la longueur est limitée par celle des bras porteurs, meilleure résistance au vent, gain d'autonomie et de bruit.
    Je ne pense pas que ces hélices nuiraient au comportement du H480, cela l'améliorerait
    c'est comme les hélices Maytech et Aeronaut de Graupner sur le Q500, il suffit de changer la hauteur de l'hélice que vous gagnez sur tous les points mentionnés ci-dessus.

    c'est simplement le pas de l'hélice qui change, la longueur elle est limitée par celle de bras porteur, la meilleure résistance au vent, gain d'autonomie et de bruit.
    je ne crois pas que ces hélices nuirait au comportement du H480, elle l'a
    c'est comme les hélices Maytech et Aeronaut de Graupner sur le Q500, en changeant simplement le pas d'hélices sur le point de gagner tous les points cité plus haut.

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