Yuneec H920 disappointment

Discussion in 'H920 Hexacopter' started by H2O Aviators, Sep 30, 2016.

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    Jul 6, 2016
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    Gilbert, Az
    So far, Yuneec has had NO communication with end users or even having a product that works as expected (USA H920, turtle/rabbit issue). Completely disappointed and I plan to call them Monday for a warranty repair for the features that don't work. Everything hush, hush and I understand some of that with the competition, but for those us who have spent a good deal of money, they should make things right and I have a feeling, its not going to be right. I think it will be another $6k+ from us to get something that we should have recieved to begin with. If I could go back in time, I would have bought a DJI product. Sad but true. All we get is, hold on for a few weeks, oh wait....a few more, just a few more....wait....look, we have quick release props....big f#$king deal (that should have been included and they should send those out as a courtesy).....but wait a few more weeks and we will release....oh, damn your product is out of warranty....shhhh, its ok, we have a new product, called the "imag", short for imagination....just close your eyes and imagine all the things you would expect out of your purchase and watch it vanish into thin air....just like your $6k drone.....oh wait, it already has......welcome to Yuneec....everything you would expect, but never delivered. Wait, thats a great tag line for them! "Everything your would expect, but never delivered, welcome to Yuneec!" Boom, nailed it!

    Here is a quick review of the H920: Large 6 prop drone with the same features as DJI Phantom2, but add a zoomable camera lens. It is more stable while flying and 4 times the price.

    Yuneec, can you feel the frustration we (or at least I) am feeling? Most likely not, since you already have my money....What a class A dumbass I was to buy a Yuneec product. No operators manual, features that don't work as described on the video. Even your own tech support can't explain the controller to the end user.....pathetic....I blame myself, should have done more research. No wonder why the H920 is all over eBay for $3k....

    Yep, this is my rant! Like it or not, I am a customer, just like all of you....well, the 3 or 4 of us who participate on the forum
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  2. CopterBoy

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    Dec 11, 2016
    I feel your pain H20.
    I'm wondering myself just how long to keep waiting for a firmware update that solves everything.
    I understand early-adopters must accept teething troubles and a few glitches, I can forgive most of the software buggyness and some design goofiness.

    For me the main problems are 1. ALWAYS having to re-bind the gimbal controller (in team mode) every time I change the batteries, and this re-bind working only every 2nd or 3rd reboot of the copter....client has packed up and gone home before I'm even in the air.
    2. No "roll" axis control for when the gimbal eventually loses horizontality.
    3. Not enough tilt control....if I want to see props in shot, let me damn well see props in shot.
    4. Why can't the piloting st24 get a video feed from the cgo4 just like the gimbal controller st24 does?! (with flight telemetry overlaid or on the sides)
    5. Occasionally, rather worryingly, when I fly the H920 full speed for a prolonged time (say 10-20seconds, full tilt in one direction), when I release that tilt and try to reverse or turn in another direction it remains flying in the original direction uncontrollably for 5-8seconds....that's 5-8 seconds of sheer terror while I start to turn to my gimbal op and shout "dead-stick" and begin to consider what group of people to warn about an imminently crashing drone...but before shouting anything it suddenly resumes controllability... and the cold sweat starts to dry.

    I'm glad they got the prop quick releases out, they help significantly on set. I often work on TV shows where a director will ask me "how soon can you get the drone up?". With my DJI S900 I can confidently say "50seconds", with the H920-cgo4...I won't even venture a number unless it's already setup *and* bound already....for reference I took it to a field 2 days ago just to keep"my hand in" took 14mins before I was able to launch fully featured in team mode...the director on any show I work on would tell me not to bother getting the drone out if I answered "14minutes" for prep time. Though, in fairness I should point out I have a fairly complex setup (the pilot controller has an external monitor receiving an HDMI feed from the gimbal controller so I can see the shot as well as flight telemetry)....and for some reason, I keep needing to re-bind the gimbal controller every freakin time the drone is powered down....cannot figure this one out.

    Woa, just realised how long this post is...argh...better sign off.

    "Help me yuneec-kenobi your my only hope".....the dark side (read Inspire 2) is getting more and more tempting.......

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