Yuneec typhoon q500

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by I am yuneec, Jul 25, 2021.

  1. I am yuneec

    I am yuneec Member

    Nov 15, 2019
    Hi,I am thinking about using a go pro on my drone,I see you can buy the gimbals but I'm not sure about getting a signal from the gopro to my phone.Does an antenna have to be added in order for this to happen?
  2. h-elsner

    h-elsner Active Member

    I see two possibilities:
    - use the Go-Pro WiFi as it is. I think the range is poor. I don't believe that Go-Pro offers a external antenna or something like this. However, it is a Go-Pro thing....
    - Use MK58 transmitter. It is made for Q500 to transfer video to ST10 or to phone (CGO app for Anroid). Connection to phone has lower range due to poor antenna in the phone.

    br HE
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  3. Russell Smith

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    Jun 27, 2015
    the MK58 would be the better option if you can find one. you'll also have to make sure your firmware is up to date so it'll see it.

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